Snow Cloud Variegated Ginkgo


Snow Cloud Variegated Ginkgo has irresistible streaked variegation. DETAILS BELOW


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Snow Cloud Variegated Ginkgo

Snow Cloud Variegated Ginkgo is an outstanding selection with unique leaf color. As the fan shaped leaves emerge in spring, they present streaks of white and cream. The overall effect is a frosted effect. As the leaves mature, green predominates. This changing color helps protect the leaves from sun scorch. Fall color is a reliable bright yellow, and occasionally the streaked variegation is noticeable again. Snow Cloud will do best if planted with morning direct sun and afternoon shade to protect the variegation.

Care and Planting tips for your Snow Cloud Variegated Ginkgo:

Ginkgoes have the reputation of being very tough trees. But like any tree, proper planting is essential to healthy establishment. Make sure you plant your Snow Cloud Variegated Ginkgo with good drainage.  Proper drainage techniques include planting the tree in a raised bed, planting on a slope, and creating a planting mound 4 to 6 inches above the existing grade. Ginkgo thrive in moist, well drained soil. Amend the soil with organic material. We recommend adding an organic mulch over the planting area.

Your Snow Cloud should require very little pruning care. We do suggest that you watch out for sprouts from the base of your young tree. These are adventitious buds from the understock to which  your Snow Cloud was grafted. Simply break them off with fingers. As the tree matures, this possible tendency goes away.

The advantages of buying your  Ginkgo from Garden Design Nursery:

Here at Garden Design Nursery, we graft and grow our Ginkgo varieties to the highest standards. Rest assured we offer the healthiest and largest plants available on the web. We carefully select each plant for quality, and individually boxed with the growing container. This ensures the tree arrives with the root system intact, and allows you to plant your new tree at your convenience!

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