Daidai haru


Acer palmatum Daidai haru

Orange leaves showcased against burgundy branches


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Daidai haru Japanese maple is a worthy addition to the Katsura group of Spring interest trees.  What truly sets this new introduction from Garden Design Nursery is how the bright orange new leaves are beautifully contrasted against the distinct dark burgundy branches. Soon leaf color changes to bright yellow, before assuming a medium green for Summer. Daidai haru Japanese maple was discovered as a seedling at our nursery.

Planting site should be mostly shaded for best protection of thin leaves. Some direct sun can be tolerated by Daidai haru Japanese maples, but protection from hot afternoon sun is important.

Make sure your Daidai haru Japanese maple is planted with good drainage. Examples of techniques for ensuring proper drainage include planting the tree in a raised bed, planting on a slope, and creating a planting mound 4 to 6 inches above the existing grade. Daidai haru Japanese maples require moist, well drained soil. Amending the soil with organic material and adding an organic mulch over the planting area is also recommended.

As with all of the Japanese maple we offer at Garden Design Nursery, our Daidai haru Japanese maples are grafted and grown by us. So many websites are just third-party companies, which never even touch or see the actual plant they are selling. You can be assured we offer the healthiest and largest plants available on the web. Each plant is carefully selected for quality, and individually boxed with the growing container. This ensures the tree arrives with the root system intact, and allows you to plant your new tree at your convenience! For the estimated box size dimensions that the plant ships in, please click on the Additional Information text below.

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